Ghost Hunters Equipment - Spectrumlite Infrared Booster preferred by paranormal investigators for over four years.


Packs a serious punch boasting - 12 x 10mm 300mW (milliwatt) LED's (Light Emitting Diode). Infrared wavelength 850nm, emitted color Infrared ray. Low power consumption, excellent directivity.

High quality low resistance 24AWG gauge silicon wire, temp rating 200Deg C. Powered by 1 x 9volt battery, quick easy change over mount on back of IR Booster. Includes quality cold shoe adapter mount as pictured.

Use our Infrared Booster with all Sony Handycam and Camcorders that have the Nightshot and Nightshot Plus feature mode. The Spectrumlite Infrared Booster  also works exceptionally well with Full Spectrum video cameras, night vision goggles and any device that is infrared compatible.

I custom make every Spectrumlite Infrared Booster. I'm an experienced paranormal investigator & always looking for more light through innovation, experimentation & prototyping. I use nothing but the best components available & all Spectrumlites are insulated with heat shrink leaving NO exposed messy wiring, there will be NO short circuiting the Spectrumlite.


Nightshot and Nightshot Plus technology gives Sony's night vision models the highest sensitivity to near infrared radiation or NIR, making all Sony handycam & camcorders with this feature the most common item in Ghost Hunters tool kit. Nightshot is actually just like many other night vision technologies and performs two functions: image enhancement by collecting and amplifying what little perceivable light is available, and thermal imaging by collecting infrared radiation (IR) including near IR, mid IR and thermal IR and translating it into light in the visible spectrum.

To understand Sony Nightshot better requires differentiating the different types of IR. While thermal IR is emitted by an object (utilized in thermal scans), near-IR and mid-IR are reflected by an object.

Nightshot technology improves on usual night vision systems through the use of LEDs that illuminate the subject with near-IR and mid-IR light. The near-IR and mid-IR light is then bounced back to the Nightshot camera to create very good night vision footage. Sony has made many modifications over the past years .


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Feel free to email me or catch me live on Twitter with any questions about my Ghost Hunting Equipment. If you are unsure of your camera or device compatibility with infrared boosters best contact me before purchasing or if just wish to say hello!

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